USIS has built an outstanding reputation as a claims administrator for Workers’ Compensation programs. Our clients appreciate our philosophy of personal service, dedicated commitment and team approach.

  • Properly licensed, experienced multi-line claims professionals
  • Case counts below the industry average allow for proper claim management and personal service
  • Rapid assessment and investigation of claims to help control medical and indemnity costs, and discourage attorney involvement
  • Timely, successful conclusion of claims, with strict diary system control
  • Focus on claim-reserving practices – initial reserve determined only after careful review by the licensed adjuster and the claims supervisor
  • Timely vocational case-management intervention, as necessary, to enhance successful file closure and reduce exposure to prolonged disability payments
  • Licensed specialists review each claim file for subrogation potential, seeking maximum recovery of client claim expenses – with a track record of reaping substantial recoveries
  • Although opportunities to recover from Special Disability Trust Funds are rapidly disappearing, we maintain a dedicated claims unit to assure recovery to the extent possible from the various Trust Funds
  • Aggressive investigation of potentially fraudulent claims
  • Progressive claim-reporting procedures
    • May be reported online using the USIS web site, or via email, fax or telephone.
    • One contact from the employer establishes a record of the claim and initiates all required State filings and review procedures
  • Ability to electronically register each claim with a national claims index service

"We are now in our nineteenth year of having our claims serviced by USIS. Their ability to meet our demands for the highest level of service has exceeded even our expectations. Their attention to detail, sophisticated technology and knowledge of our industry keep them the best in their business."

Bill Bond, CEO/President, FHM Insurance Company

"FCBI contracted with USIS in 2000. We have been and remain extremely pleased with the committed professionalism and attention to quality service provided by USIS. They know their business and are dedicated all day, every day to serving our best interests. We are constantly rewarded by their superb claims handling."

Jim Emerson, President, Florida Citrus, Business & Industries Fund

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