The Information Systems’ role at USIS is more than data processing or system operations. We constantly and pro-actively seek strategic opportunities to use new and established technologies to enhance customer service and improve productivity.

  • Software from leading vendors within the Workers’ Compensation and medical management field, supplemented with programs and components developed by inhouse programmers, provides an environment tailored to the special needs of the client
  • Adjusters and nurse case-managers have online access to all claim information through database and document utilities
  • Support services include all up-to-date office management tools
  • Comprehensive management reports are provided via email or online
  • Remote access from a client site is available by multiple portal protocols, such as internet or VPN
  • In-house programmers are able to develop customized reports where special client needs exist
  • Claims data is available via USIS website for use in client spreadsheets, word processing and/or database programs.
  • A web-based claim reporting system is in place for easy on-line access by clients

USIS developed and utilizes a secure, state-of-the-art web portal warehouse. All claim data within the system is viewable online and able to be downloaded into an Excel format directly from the website. Features include First Report of Injury reporting; check registers; loss reports; all account and claimant statistical data under multiple search parameters.

USIS ® and SERVICE BEYOND THE CONTRACT ® are registered service marks of USIS, Inc. A Davies Company