USIS, through its Medical Management division, AmeriSys, provides superior medical management programs that include both certified occupational managed care programs as well as non-certified, customized offerings.

  • Clients pay lower Workers’ Compensation costs through:
    • Reduced Medical Costs
    • Reduced Treatment Duration
    • Reduced Lost Time Days
  • Reduction in claim and expense payout is facilitated through the use of negotiated discounts with medical providers, and a specialty unit which monitors treatment with the goal of returning employees to work more timely
  • Use of provider networks designed to lower medical and indemnity costs
  • Networks are selected or developed to service the special needs of the injured employees
  • Use of a pharmacy program assures that the net paid by the insurer is less than the State fee schedule, as well as improving the overall control, management and administrative efficiency
  • The contracted medical providers must meet specific Workers’ Compensation credential criteria to ensure quality medical service delivery
  • A team approach is achieved with the employer, the adjuster, risk management, medical providers, case-managers and utilization review staff working toward the same goal

A strong medical management program means substantial decreases in injured employees’ medical costs

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